I gave this hand painted bedroom furniture in Nottingham an aging effect by using some simple processes.

This old chest of drawers had been in the family a number of years and the client was reluctant to get rid. So decided to have me hand paint it whilst carrying out some other hand painted furniture for them in the park estate Nottingham. hand painted bedroom furniture

hand painted bedroom furniture
Can you paint it something like this please, the client asked?

The client had found a picture on the internet as an idea and suggested they would like this old mahogany and pine chest of drawers hand painted with an ageing effect..

hand painted bedroom furniture
A veneered mahogany chest of draws

The top of the chest of drawers was a solid piece of mahogany, however the drawers and front face of the frames were pine with a mahogany veneer. The actual draws and sides were constructed from pine. This used to be a popular way of constructing furniture to look more expensive than it actually was.

hand painted bedroom furniture
A good sand down with my Mirka Deros sanding system

My first job was to remove the brass key hole fobs then clean down and degrease the furniture with methylated spirit and ‘0’ gauge wire wool.

A straight forward process which took me around an hour to complete. I then gave everything a good sand down using 180g Abranet Abrasive discs on my Mirka Deros (Dustless) sanding system prior to any painting.

The Aging Process: hand painted bedroom furniture

Theres lots of ways to do this but for the effect I wanted to create for my client, I started by applying 2 coats of Otex solvent based primer (mixed in an equivalent colour to ‘James White’).

This dries overnight to a smooth flat finish. Once the primer coats are completely dry. I start rubbing back various areas of the furniture with 180g abrasive and wire wool. I then mixed a clear (water based) glaze with a toothpaste amount of acrylic tint in a burnt umber colour. This was enough to darken down the James white colour, giving it a washed glazed appearance. hand painted bedroom furniture

Once all the glaze has hardened off, I apply 2 x coats of Kiva Lacquer, a waterborne low-odour non-yellowing acrylate lacquer for use on interior wooden surfaces. Kiva Interior Lacquer is available in a gloss, semi-gloss and semi-matt finish and many attractive colours.

I used the matt finish on this hand painted bedroom furniture which gives it protection from spills and daily use.

hand painted bedroom furniture
Hand Painted Furniture in Derbyshire: This mid grey colour was matched to some existing furniture

I used this same process and products available from Holman Specialist Paints on a variety of dining room furniture in Derbyshire but with a slightly different look.

If your have any items of old furniture or an existing wooden kitchen which you are thinking of painting. Please feel free to Contact Me. I will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and give you the benefit of my experience.

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