Hand Painted Furniture in Stanton by Bridge, Derbyshire

My next hand painted furniture job takes me about 6 miles south of Derby to Stanton by Bridge in Derbyshire. Over the years I’ve done a lot of work in and around this area including: Melbourne, Castle Donington and Barrow upon Trent, to name but a few!

Hand painted kitchen & furniture:

As I drove through the stone pillared entrance and up the large gravel driveway, I arrived at a very impressive large period property , known as The Rectory. This place looked like a decorators dream but I’m not here to do any decorating, my son Jake Pike Decorators carries out all the general decorating work, including high quality wallpapering jobs. I’m here as the client has requested some costs for re-painting their kitchen cabinets and 2 large built in display dresser units. I’ll pass the decorating over to Jake.

kitchen cabinets painted white

The kitchen was originally made and fitted by Osborne of Ilkeston around 20 years ago, although the client had it re-painted some 10 years back, it was now ready for a really good freshen up! Besides the kitchen re-paint, the client was looking to have 2 large built in display dressers hand painted to match in with the kitchen colour.

Stanton by Bridge Desser before painting

Over the years these 2 dressers had received various treatments , including several coats of yacht varnish, doors didn’t function properly  and they were in need of some serious TLC! Absolutely Battered!

Stanton Bridge dresser x 2 before

As you can see the 2 dressers are looking a little worse for wear, however they have been very functional items of furniture, not only serving as additional storage but also as display cabinets. The client was really keen to keep them and integrate them in with the kitchen colour.

Dust Free Sanding:

After dismantling the shelves and doors, I had no alternative but to strip this furniture back to basics, they would need more than a quick fettle over with some sandpaper. I use a dustless sanding system with a micro net abrasive for this type of prep work; derived from the automotive refinishing industry, all my sanding machines hook up to a local extraction unit removing almost all of the dust at source. (A healthier working environment for me and a much cleaner house and home for you).

Lets start painting!

Every kitchen or piece of furniture I paint is carried out to a very high specification using the best quality materials, designed and fit for purpose. Following a full degrease (with a highly effective cleaning agent) to all pieces I apply a special high adhesion primer/sealer, this product not only bites very well into the surface providing a perfect base for the next stage but it also stops any tanning from the wood, which could potentially leach through into the top coats. Spoiling what will be an almost brush mark free finish. This is a well proven, tried and tested formula for this type of refinishing work.

Hand painted furniture in Stanton by Bridge

The kitchen however, receives a different type of primer, although it is again a high adhesion product it has different characteristics and properties in order for me to achieve the best results on all the surfaces which will receive the same top coats.

Hand painted dressers in Stanton by Bridge

The client was absolutely delighted with the outcome of the 2 hand painted dressers; I’d replaced the wood runners(parting beads) so the doors functioned better and added some new knobs. The smooth durable matt finish also worked really well and the colour was the equivalent to Farrow & Ball ‘Mizzle’ mixed exact by my specialist paint supplier.

Hand painted kitchen in Stanton by Bridge

The kitchen was pretty much a straight forward repaint: Full degrease, high adhesion primer (tinted to the top coat colour) and 2 x full top coats in the same durable matt finish as the dressers. The original knobs were put back on at the clients request, after searching the internet looking at various styles, the originals seem to work with the new colour.

Hand Painted Kitchen in Stanton by Bridge

Finishing touches:

During the kitchen repainting work, the clients were chatting to me about how they’d had the Aga cooker converted from Oil to Electric (Apparently a job worth doing, if your an Aga owner) The fuel saving costs being the main factor, services charges, delivery, storage and ease of use being others.

New chrome light fittings and switches were fitted by the electrician. A new dishwasher was fitted by the plumber and the original door refitted by myself, the kick board plinths were all repainted but left off until the tiled stone floor had been steam cleaned and re-oiled by a specialist cleaning company. I popped back the following week to refit the plinths and have a final check over, now all other trades had finished.


The floor cleaning company had actually asked the client if they’d had a new kitchen fitted, to which my client replied; no not at all, Russ has repainted it for us. Testimony to this sturdily built Osborne of Ilkeston kitchen, music to my ears and a very happy client.

Here’s what they had to say:

Many thanks Russ for a great job on my kitchen. I have had many compliments on my “new” kitchen. My 20 year old hand built kitchen really does look and feel brand new for a fraction of the price of a replacement. Your full decorating service was excellent and reliable, very refreshing to have someone keep all their promises! We’re now settled back in and it’s a joy to cook and entertain, thanks again Ellen
 Employing a specialist kitchen painter is not a cheap proposition per se, but in terms of value for money, and in comparison to a brand new kitchen, a hand-painted finish will last for years and is well worth your consideration.

We are a family run business with over 3 decades of experience in providing high quality paint finishes and workmanship on hand painted kitchens, furniture and interiors.

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