Hand Painted Oak Kitchen in Stapleford, Nottingham

Following on from my previous post about ‘Preparation of an oak kitchen’…

I’m now painting it!

Stapleford units with chair
The original old pine chairs were painted to match the cabinets

That dated orangey pine colour is disappearing and a whole new kook is beginning to evolve; all my hard graft prep work has paid off and the high adhesion primer has stuck solid.

Stapleford canopy before paint

Stapleford painted canopy

The clients chosen colour was Farrow and Ball ‘Old White’, I’ve had the equivalent mixed into my specialist furniture paint.

Hand painted in Nottingham painted in an equivalent colour to F & B 'Old White'
This kitchen was hand painted and matched in an equivalent to F & B in ‘Old White’

Time consuming this detailed kitchen maybe, but very satisfying as well. With the addition of new knobs and handles, its now looking modern, clean and fresh!

Stapleford kitchen finished canopy
The hand painted finish is durable and hard wearing

The specialist furniture paints I use are both hard wearing and durable, ideally suited for this type of work and available in a matt or semi matt finish.

stapleford kitchen finished mirror

The client asked if I could also paint the existing dad rails, radiator shelves and mirror to match in with the new kitchen colour, Small additions like this a worth considering to add to that overall new look!

Stapleford kitchen finished

After 20 years, this hand made kitchen has stood the test of time, exceptionally well built and testimony yet again to Osborne of Ilkeston that it pays to buy quality.

Employing a specialist kitchen painter is not a cheap proposition per se, but in terms of value for money, and in comparison to a brand new kitchen, a hand painted oak kitchen will last for years and is well worth your consideration.

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