Hand Painting Furniture

Hand painting furniture, modern or period can give it a new lease of life, in colours which will enhance your existing interior. I can refurbish and hand paint individual items as well as entire rooms, one of my specialities is transforming existing wooden kitchens from simply a place to prepare food into a true work of art within your home and ultimately bespoke to you.

Hand painting furniture and kitchens can give a personalised look with decorative touches or bespoke finishes to achieve a unique appearance. It doesn’t need to be boring to serve its purpose and be functional.

Hand painting dining table and bench seats:

This oak dining table and seating had been in service for over 15 years and despite its tired and worn appearance it was structurally solid, comfortable to sit and eat and furthermore the client was reluctant to replace it. I was called in to give it a refurb and a bright new look, together with a couple of other pieces of furniture requiring a makeover.

painting dining tables and chairs
A bright burgundy (Rectory Red) was the colour of choice

The client had a particular colour theme in mind and requested a bright burgundy red (Rectory Red) from the Farrow and Ball colour chart, was chosen and I had this mixed into an equivalent colour by my specialist paint supplier.

sanding oak table tops
This table top had certainly seen better days

Sanding and prep:

A lot of effort is put into the preparation side of things, prior to any painting! My dustless sanding systems make light work of the table top and bench seating as I strip them back ready to receive a clear lacquer in a matt finish.

sanding oak table tops
My dustless sanding systems are ideal for this type of work

Once completely sanded to my satisfaction I prepare and sand the benches and then mask out the newly sanded oak before I start applying any paints.

sanding oak table tops
Nice bit of oak that!

The oak sanded up a treat and would look like new, once I apply the lacquer, which would be the last stage on this project. In 2 weeks time when this Kiva lacquer reaches its full cure, it will be as hard as nails and will protect this oak for many years to come.

 Applying the paint:

I applied a high adhesion shellac based etching primer, followed by  4 x coats of a low-odour, non-yellowing, waterborne acrylate latex finishing paint, also in a matt finish. Deep colours such as this can make coverage difficult, hence the 4 top coats. It sometimes works better to apply an undercoat tinted to match the top coat, to achieve full coverage.

Painting dining furniture
Brought back to life and as good as new!

I’m not a big fan of chalk paints and designer brands, they have a place but not in my kit! I am however a big believer in thorough and meticulous preparation, quality products and attention to detail, which I deliver on a daily basis. If you would like to see what I did with the old mahogany bedroom furniture on this project, then please click here

We are a family run business with over 3 decades of experience in providing high quality paint finishes and workmanship on hand painted kitchens, furniture and interiors.

If you have project in the pipeline which you would like to discuss, please feel free to CONTACT ME

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