Hand Painting an Old Pine Kitchen in Melbourne Derbyshire

I apply my hand painting craft skills to various size projects throughout the 3 counties of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Leicestershire, this one was a nice little country cottage style hand painted kitchen in Melbourne, Derbyshire.

Melboune Kitchen before

This old pine kitchen offers a good example of how the tired old pine cabinetss can be given a new lease of life for several years, if not longer! It takes a fair bit of elbow grease, some trusty reliable products and a few decent paint brushes to make this transformation but always worth the effort to see the end result and the clients face.

The doors and frames had been waxed over at some point with a coloured wax, which had obviously served its purpose and for some years looked ascetically pleasing. However, without too much expense the clients were now wanting a modern look makeover without the expense and upheaval of replacing and that’s what they got!

The crucial prepping stage of this project was to ensure I removed all traces of the previously applied wax, which always finds its way into every nook and cranny; for this I use methylated spirit and wire wool (00) gauge, also a small flat head screwdriver or similar for getting into those tight spots. I apply the methsylated spirit liberally but without soaking, a good scrub round with wire wool, I then remove any excess with clean disposable paper towling, the industrial type you can buy from most decent DIY stores.

TOP TIP! When using methylated spirit, always be aware it is a highly flammable substance

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