Painted kitchen South Yorkshire: Specialist furniture painter Russ Pike carries out hand painted kitchens throughout South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. If your looking to repaint or refurbish and upgrade your existing wooden kitchen, it would be worthwhile contacting Russ to discuss your project in more detail.

Painted oak kitchen in Sheffield
Island unit painted in an equivalent colour to Dix Blue and main units in Pointing

This is a an example of an existing oak kitchen recently completed in Dore, Sheffield; approximately 15 years old, the kitchen units and doors were all still structurally sound and as part of the upgrade, the client had new granite quartz worktops installed. These were sourced independently, however I can recommend granite suppliers and installers should you wish to replace as part of your upgrade.

hand painted kitchen in sheffield
Existing oak kitchen cabinets, a little worn and tired but perfect for hand painting

The quartz work surfaces contained a variety of vibrant colours based upon a white background, this lead the client to pick out one of the colours (a cool crisp duck egg blue/green) ‘Dix Blue’ as a stand out feature for the island unit, set against the main units which were painted in an equivalent colour to ‘Pointing’, a fresh looking creamy white. Painted Kitchen South Yorkshire

Quality workmanship from start to finish!

Hand painted kitchens involve; meticulous preparation, hours of repetitive concentration and of course the correct product specification. I’ve been hand painting kitchens and furniture for over 35 years, during this time I have honed my skills and apply my craft with pride, care and attention to detail.

I’m sure there will be a local painter and decorator down the road who can paint your kitchen for a bargain price!…don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that when it comes to painting your bedroom walls and glossing your woodwork, this will be to a very high standard, perhaps even putting up a few rolls of designer wallpaper. But when it comes to the main focal point of your home, the one room that gets more use and wear and tear than any other… you should definitely consider bringing in a professional kitchen painter.

Why use a professional kitchen painter?

If you decide to employ a professional kitchen painter, you will soon realise what it is that sets us apart from any other; its not just a job to us, its a way of life, passionate, dedicated and proud, with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the work involved! I belong to a nationwide group of specialist kitchen painters: Hand Painted Kitchens UK (HPKUK) Each and every member of this group shares this same ethos:

So what can you expect and what questions should you ask your potential kitchen cabinet painter?

  • Do you have a back catalogue of previous completed kitchens, can I see them?
  • What protection to surrounding surfaces do you carry out; such as protecting work tops and flooring?
  • What surface preparation do you do prior to any painting?
  • Do you take the doors and draws off or paint them in-situ?
  • What types of primers do you use?
  • Do you use dust free sanding equipment?
  • How durable is the paint you use, is it specifically designed for hand painting kitchens?
  • How long will the paint take to dry and can I use my kitchen during the process?

An average sized wooden kitchen with around 20 to 25 doors will take anywhere between 7 to 10 days to complete on my own. During that time I will probably spend 2 of those days, cleaning down, preparing the woodwork and protecting all surrounding surfaces…until I’m completely satisfied all the prep work has been thoroughly carried out. Painted Kitchen South Yorkshire

All of my sanding machinery is dustless, which basically means that my electric sanders are hooked up to an extraction unit. When I cant use an electric sander and have to sand by hand, I do this by wet flatting, this ultimately means an almost dust free working environment for me and a much cleaner house for you.

Primers and Paints… kitchen painter South Yorkshire 

I use a variety of specialist primers and paints to suit the material I’m working with; high adhesion primers, etching primers, shellac based primers to name but a few, there’s not one that suits all. I prefer to use waterborne acrylic top coat paints nowadays, they offer far more benefits than traditional oil based paints. However, I will still use traditional products wherever the situation dictates.

These modern paint systems are very durable and hard wearing and can be matched to the equivalent colour from almost any colour palette…forget about designer paints, most of them just aren’t durable enough for kitchen areas and can be a nightmare to get decent results from! The paint systems I use have been applied to some of the finest kitchens you will ever see, not only by me but all my colleagues at HPKUK also used and recommend these products. Painted Kitchen South Yorkshire

Once the final coat has been applied and has dried off, I refit all the doors and draws which have been stacked on my portable racking system. I then refit all the knobs/handles, de-mask, clean up and clear away, leaving you with your newly refurbished showroom looking kitchen.

Contact Me Kitchen painter South Yorkshire 

If you have a new installation project in the pipeline, a repaint to your existing bespoke kitchen or you may be considering upgrading your existing kitchen, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be more than happy to give you the benefit of my experience and provide you with a quotation. Painted Kitchen South Yorkshire

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