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Painted limed oak kitchen or painting any wooden kitchen, always comes with a set of questions, that the homeowner wants answering before any final decisions are made! Fortunately due to the fact, we have painted hundreds of wooden kitchens over the years… these question’s can be answered, quite easily and straightforward.

kitchen painter Derbyshire

Several of the most common questions, we get asked painted limed oak kitchen
  • Do you take the doors away and spray them?
  • How long will the paint finish last and does it chip?
  • How long will it take, to paint my kitchen?
  • I’m having new worktops and tiles – do you paint before or after?
  • How long does the paint take to dry and does it smell?
  • Is it a durable finish and how do I clean it once its painted?
  • Do you supply new handles and knobs?

Painting your existing wooden kitchen, will probably be one of the biggest interior décor decisions you will ever make. Unlike other rooms in your house, its the heart of the home and the one room you and your family and friends all gather… Breakfast-time with the kids; a romantic candlelit dinner for two; you’ll want to cook in your kitchen. But you’ll also want to relax, read, work, watch films and entertain. Life revolves around the kitchen, its the hub of the home. Painted limed oak kitchen

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We work together with our clients to deliver a kitchen scheme that’s bespoke to you and ultimately achieves your desired taste. We quote for each project on an individual basis, based on size, complexity and other factors. You can also rest assured that a hand painted kitchen will save you a considerable about of money compared to a full kitchen refit project, as well as minimising the disruption that a full kitchen installation would bring. Painted limed oak kitchen

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Your questions answered

We do not spray your kitchen… it is traditionally hand painted to a very high standard!

We use a Scandinavian paint system for the past 8 years and have painted hundreds of kitchens with this system. We have this paint tinted to all popular colour palettes for limitless choices…

We always recommend you have any other works carried out prior to the kitchen cabinet painting

An average size kitchen of say 20 doors, will take approximately 7 days to complete.

We use various high adhesion primers, depending on the type of kitchen and substrates being painted. There will be some odour whilst the primer dries but nothing long lasting. Some of the primers and all of the top coat paints have literally no smell or fumes at all!

The top coats a fast drying and cure to a durable and hard wearing finish! The products have been factory tested to 1000 scrubs and are environmentally friendly with literally no odour. We recommend cleaning with a damp microfibre cloth and a little washing up liquid.

kitchen painter derbyshire

We do supply and fit new knobs and handles or you can supply them yourself and leave the fitting to us… we can also fill existing holes and re-drill for different sizes of knobs and handles.

If you have an existing limed oak or any type of wood, veneered or laminate kitchen and are thinking a makeover could be for you…? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the project you have in mind.

kithen cabinet painter Derby

We are proud members of the HPKUK (Hand Painted Kitchens UK), a group of independent specialist kitchen painters throughout the UK.

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