Painting kitchen cabinets in Mansfield Nottingham

Is your kitchen looking tired and worn out? What cost effective solutions have you considered? Painting Kitchen Cabinets is a very viable option!

If you are wanting to refurbish your existing kitchen without having the expense and inconvenience of ripping it out and replacing, I may have a solution for you!

This was a well weathered oak kitchen which I fully refurbished by painting the kitchen cabinets and replacing the old worn out handles for new knobs.

27 year old oak kitchen with an 80s feel
There is definitely an 80s feel about this 27 year old oak kitchen

Your existing wooden kitchen can be transformed in days from looking tired and worn out to fresh and vibrant, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

painting kitchen cabinets
New white paint, new knobs, new look!

Yet another dated kitchen (27 years old in fact) and in need of some TLC, it still had a good few years working life left in it but definitely was ready for refurbishment. Situated in Berry Hill Park, Mansfield, Nottingham the client was planning on selling the large family home in a year or so and decided to get me in to do a makeover, rather than spend 25K having a new kitchen fitted.

silvered oak normally only seen externally
You normally only see silvered oak like this externally!

Replacing the worktops wasn’t on the agenda for this job. However the client asked my advice on the 2 inch oak edging strip to the front of the tiled work surfaces, this wasn’t in the greatest condition and would require sanding back completely before any further treatments could be applied. Besides the work-surface, some of the old fashioned fleur de leys handles were completely broken off!

All the doors and draws were out of alignment due to loose or broken hinges, some of the edging to the carcasses had peeled away and delaminated, most of the cornice & pelmets were loose and most of the draws had been stuck on with silicone sealant.

Berry Hill corner unit resized

The corner display units looked like drift wood, because they had worn so badly, probably due to plant pots being placed upon them and the cabinet doors had numerous dents and knocks to them. These would all need fine surface filling once I got round to the painting stage…

Erecta-Rack fully loaded
My Erecta-Rack storage/racking system was fully loaded with doors and draws

Painting kitchen cabinets can be quite labour intensive during the initial prep stages, but well worth the effort in my opinion. The finished result is always very satisfying and I can honestly say, I do love my job.


Once I’ve masked up and protected any surfaces that are not being painted, I start by removing all the doors and draws, numbering them in sequence as I go along so that I know where each part came from but more importantly, where its going back to!

Using a very effective cleaning solution Krud Kutter Original I begin a thorough and meticulous clean down and degrease to all parts of the kitchen. Once all the components have been degreased and are completely dry, I then sand them down with a 240 grit abrasive to ensure a good key will be had once I start applying the primer.

Filling dents & Existing holes:

For this a use a flexible 2 part filler; all the holes for the original handles are also filled and sanded back smooth. Once the paint goes on you cannot see where the original holes were and I can drill fresh new holes for the new knobs to go on. If I’m doing a lot of sanding like this, I use my Mirka dust free sanding system I also wet sand by hand to keep any dust to an absolute minimum.


There isn’t one system that fits all and I will change products to suit the substrate I’m working on. This particular substrate is a well weathered oak surface, so I’m going to be using a high adhesion shellac based primer which also offers good opacity. All the work is carried out on-site, so to speak and applied with a brush and mini roller. Once all the primer has dried (normally around 45 mins) I can then start flatting it back with a flexible 320g fine abrasive. This stage removes any brush or roller marks and again acts as a key for the next stage of painting, the top coats.

Top coats:

One of my favourite paints systems for painting kitchen cabinets, doors and draws is a Scandinavian made paint called Tikkurila, it offers very good durability to high traffic areas such as kitchens, it also comes in a matt or semi matt finish and can be mixed to match almost any colour you desire.

painting kitchen cabinets
The worktop edging and kickboards were painted in an Ebony semi matt wood stain

I apply at least 2  or 3 top coats, which provides a good depth of colour and a longer lasting finish. This particular kitchen was painted in the equivalent colour to Farrow & Ball ‘New White’ in a semi matt finish.

painting kitchen cabinets
Clean, fresh and modern looking.

If you are considering refurbishing your existing wooden kitchen cabinets or items of furniture, why don’t you CONTACT US to see what we can do?

We are a family run business with over 3 decades of experience in providing high quality paint finishes and workmanship on hand painted kitchens, furniture and interiors.

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