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Painting oak kitchens in Sheffield by Russ Pike Interiors. its what we do for a living and have been doing for over 30 years… If you have a hand made bespoke kitchen which is constructed of oak ( or other wood species) fitted some 15 to 20 years ago, it probably cost a small fortune!

Your kitchen comprises something like 25 doors, 9 draws and 4 pan draws, plus a large pull out larder unit… you also have a free standing dresser but never liked it, as it never did quite go with the kitchen. The original granite tops are still in pretty good condition, but the cream ceramic sink has to go! The oven still works after 2 new fans, a glass door seal and the 2 control knobs that pull off in your hand every time you turn them on.

The doors are structurally sound and as solid as the day they were made, apart from a few in the utility that got chewed by the family dog when he was a pup. However, the doors and draws have gone quite orange over the years and the light in the kitchen seems to be absorbed by these dull, drab surfaces… Some nice new modern brushed steel handles wont make that much difference on those dreary oak doors.

painting oak kitchens

A good quality hand built kitchen like yours, will start at around 45K nowadays… you know the ones you’ve seen them on Pinterest or in that glossy home magazine… and now after 3 years of nagging the hubby, he finally agrees to a compromise and agrees to your suggestion of having it painted. He still thinks its criminal and sacrilege to paint over those beautiful oak doors, even though they’ve have gone ginger and look dated… 

Painting oak kitchens to look modern

painting oak kitchens

Option 3. You do your research, online, YouTube vids… How to tutorials and head off down to the local DIY store with your shopping list and decide to have a go yourself… don’t forget your sand paper!

Option 2. Check out your parish mag or local rag for a decent quality decorator… there’s a few out there and some even claim to be kitchen painting specialists. But check out their back catalogue first and testimonials…

Option 1. Source a professional kitchen painter, they will make your existing wooden oak kitchen look like a show piece… A quality kitchen painter should have a good size portfolio of kitchens and furniture.

Russ Pike Interiors have painted over 500+ kitchens; from leading manufactures to small bespoke 15 door+ kitchens with dozens of reviews and testimonials from happy customers… we have find tuned the whole process over the years, with a system that works, efficient working practices and quality proven materials and products.

Painted oak kitchen Derbyshire 

The client had pre-booked us in almost a year in advance, due to the fact they were having a large extension to the back of this house to incorporate a large kitchen/diner and tv room and wanted the works to follow on, once the dust had settled. The kitchen itself was a lovely solid oak construction, which was perfect for a makeover! Not only saving thousands in replacement but the client still liked the layout and it worked.

A light colour ‘Bone’ was requested for the main kitchen units to bounce even more light around and an equivalent colour to Farrow and Ball ‘Stiffkey Blue’ for the large larder unit. This would contrast with the feature walls and make a great back drop for the lighter main units and free standing dresser.

Painting oak kitchens

For more examples of our work or If you have a project in the pipeline for painted kitchen’s Nottingham and all other surrounding areas, throughout the East Midlands and South Yorkshire then please feel free to CONTACT US and have the benefit of our experience.

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