KITCHENS AREN’T JUST FOR COOKING! Kitchen painter Nottingham

Breakfast-time with the kids; a romantic candlelit dinner for two; you’ll want to cook in your kitchen. But you’ll also want to relax, read, work, watch films and entertain. Life revolves around the kitchen, its the hub of the home. Kitchen painter Nottingham

kitchen painter nottingham
Create a unique space with a hand painted kitchen

We don’t just paint your kitchen, we hand craft it!  Carried out with our blend of specialist knowledge and the finest materials; with inimitable creative flair to realise the perfect space that is both unique and personal to you. Kitchen painter Nottingham

painted kitchens nottingham
Refurbish your existing wood kitchen, bespoke to your liking

A hand painted kitchen, whether it be a new installation or your existing fitted kitchen, can be truly bespoke and as the colour palette choice is endless. A professional kitchen painter can transform the look of your kitchen cabinets or bespoke furniture. Combining different colours, a pattern, or even a distressed finish, an array of looks from traditional to a contemporary style – the choice is entirely yours.

Painted kitchen Derbyshire
Naturals, greys and bold exciting colours are all in

Hand painted kitchens give you the opportunity of changing the colour of your furniture at a later point if you decide to refresh your colour scheme. You can also easily change the handles or worktops in order to create an entirely different look, allowing you to get the most out of your kitchen for many years to come. Kitchen painter Nottingham

Colours for painted kitchens kitchen painter Nottingham

If you are planning to paint your kitchen, firstly you need to get some colour inspiration. Your personal style matters so don’t be afraid to choose what you like. You can pick up a colour palette from your local paint store and see how well you can co-ordinate with the floors, furniture and curtain colours that you already have.

kitchen colours
Make a statement or keep it neutral!

Most people have an idea of the basic colour scheme they want to use but it may be worth visiting a variety of home décor websites to find inspiration. Make notes and print photographs that outline your basic ideas. You can also get inspiration from the architectural style of your home – whether your home is a stately Tudor mansion or a cosy bungalow, you can find the right colours to breathe new life into every room. 

You then need to decide on whether to go with bold or neutral colours. Bold colours are fine, but sometimes it may be better to use them as accents. If you’re not sure about it, painting sample boards can help to see what the colour will look like during the day and at night.

Cant cope with all the mess!

We don’t make any! Unlike having your kitchen ripped out and replaced, we hardly make any dust! We’ve painted so many kitchens over the years that our systems and processes are down to a fine art…

  • All the surrounding surfaces are masked out and protected, prior to any work being carried out.
  • We have invested and use dust-free sanding systems or wet sand with special abrasives.
  • Our portable racking systems maximise space and store the doors during the painting process.
  • Odourless waterborne specialist paints systems, designed for kitchen & furniture painting.

Professional kitchen painter Nottingham

We are based in Nottingham but work throughout the East Midlands. We form part of a nationwide group of specialist kitchen and furniture painters HPKUK (Hand Painted Kitchens UK). With over 200 years of combined knowledge and experience which reassures our clients they are employing professional quality craftsman.

kithen cabinet painter Derby

If you are in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Sheffield or surrounding areas and have a project in the pipeline, for a hand-painted kitchen or some period home decor, please Contact Russ he will be happy to give you the benefit of his experience, and advise you on what is involved to achieve the end result you have in mind.

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